Plan Your Motorcoach Tour

When you’ve done the legwork of mobilizing your group and arranging your destination, we can take the wheel from there.  The best Motorcoach tour is moments away. Putting the finishing touches on your Motorcoach travel tour is a breeze with our customized planning specialists. We can work with your group’s activities planner to finalize all the details. If you’re in need of an activities committee, we’ll help you organize one. If you are planning your first group travel bus tour, we’re ready to lend a hand to make your trip flawless.

Let our specialized planners secure the Motorcoach to fit your destination and budget, freeing you to focus on the relaxing enjoyment of a well-deserved trip. Since 1984, we have provided customers with estimates based on our extensive knowledge of the charter bus tour industry.

Call 1-800-822-6224 and ask for Kelli, Ira, Michael or Corrine. We’ll be happy to assist you with making your next bus tour the best one yet. Our knowledgeable staff knows all the finer nuances of travel, from planning a tour well in advance, to reserving the best seats, to locking in the lowest possible rate.

Relax and Enjoy the Best Bus Tour Ride

With our extra-roomy, reclining seats, video systems, sanitized restrooms and friendly courteous drivers, your next bus travel tour is sure to be memorable. We have been providing excellent Motorcoach touring options for groups in the Northeastern United States since 1984, offering groups of 20 or more a hassle-free, effortless way to travel without the stress that transporting a large group of people can create.

Whether you’ve planned a day-trip to a local destination or prefer an extensive getaway, our chartered bus tours offer your group a safe, reliable mode of transportation that allows you to relax and socialize, while one of our drivers expertly transports you to your destination.

Utilizing our Motorcoach tour team’s extensive expertise is just a phone call away.

Find out more about our transportation services and additional tour options.

  • Bus Tour Packages: If you need assistance planning a group tour, we’ll arrange everything from dining to sightseeing-from transportation to hotel accommodations.
  • Motorcoach Rentals: Our fleet specifications, safety and experience.