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Tour & Charter Bus Drivers & Mechanics

Coach Tours employees are valued and vital to our company. We transport thousands of customers every week, safely and comfortably to their desired destinations, and our professional drivers and mechanics keep everything going. Our courteous drivers are often the first point of connections with our customers, and the initial impression made always defines Coach Tours in the most positive way possible.

Experience Is A Huge Hiring Plus For Our Coach Drivers

While there may be some exceptions, coach driving experience is a huge plus in our hiring considerations. We generally seek to hire part time at first, and then upgrade to full time as drivers work out and integrate successfully into our company atmosphere. If you have up to date CDL’s and Medicals, and you feel that you fit our criteria to be a Coach Tours professional driver – please contact us.

Full and Part Time Bus Mechanics Are Often Sought

We are often looking for full time mechanics, or occasionally a motivated part time mechanic who we can train to move up to full time employment in the future. Turn you skills into a great career with Coach Tours.

Overall Coach Tours Employee Qualities

All our employees at Coach Tours project the high standards of our company. Customer service is done at the highest level possible and everyone from office associates, to drivers, to mechanics, to management, knows that our valued customers are the priority – and always come first. We are a professional organization, and the professionalism is reflected in all our team members. And above all, providing safety is in everything we do – from the way our vehicles are maintained, to how they are driven, to how our routes and operational items are planned and incorporated.

Are You A Future Coach Tour Employee?

If you feel that you are the right fit for the available jobs we offer – please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.