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Wedding Transportation Options & Ideas for Your Special Day

by The Coach Team

It is soon approaching – your special day! The best day imaginable, one filled with happy memories for years to come. The planning takes so much time and energy, filled with details and decisions. You receive opinions and advice from friends and family about every aspect, but ultimately, it is up to you to decide what you want, and how to do it best.

One thing certain for everyone is the desire to have everything go right, to diligently prepare, and leave nothing to uncertainty. Wedding transportation for all your guests has moved up the priority list!

Get Them to the Church on Time!

Bride & groom sharing a kiss in front of a Coach Tours large white charter bus.

Often invitations are mailed out and accepted, much time is spent deciding which table the guests are sitting at, and the assumption is made that everyone will just show up on time at the right place. One thing that sometimes can slip through the cracks is – how are your guests going to get there? And additionally, how easy will it be for them?

When people have to travel from out of town, they are unfamiliar with their surroundings. Finding the wedding ceremony location and the reception venue usually entails following a map, getting an overview of the logistics – when to leave the hotel, how much time between events – and finding where to park once they arrive. At the conclusion of the celebration, the return trip needs to be navigated, again in an unfamiliar city, often in the dark and after a long exciting evening of eating and drinking much more than usual.

Why not make a plan that makes the whole day easier and more relaxed for all your family and friends?

Bouquet of flowers in the foreground of two newlyweds.

Luxury, Togetherness & Transportation for your Wedding Guests

Your wedding day brings so many people together. All the people you love and who love you come together to participate in your ceremony, celebrate your union, and wish you the best of everything in your new life as a couple. Your guests also get the opportunity to meet each other, and see relatives and friends they only get to spend time with once in a blue moon. The bride and groom’s family and guests may have never met each other. Why not kick the special day off with bringing your guests together as they get chauffeured to the ceremony in a luxurious and safe, private motor coach charter bus! Instead of a list of directions for each party goer to follow on their way to your event – all they have to know one simple thing –  the time to be outside in front of their hotel. One big happy family, riding together with a skilled, professional driver behind the wheel, in a luxurious motor coach bus where guests can mingle, chat, introduce themselves and get to know each other. By the time they arrive at the ceremony, everyone has already made friends and renewed past bonds.

Bride & groom getting ready to enter large Coach Tours charter bus.

Next stop – your wedding reception! After the ceremony no one has to get back in dozens of individual cars and find their way to the reception destination. They are all back on the charter bus until it’s time to start the real party!

After the day and evening of food, wine, beer, champagne and mixed drink beverages, Hors d’œuvre’s, entrees and desserts, dancing, and socializing – being legally wild and crazy for hours – your beloved guests can hop on the cozy familiar bus and arrive safely back to their accommodations for the night.

Purple deco side seating Interior of a charter bus that is available for wedding transportation.

Add in one other wonderful consideration – The People on the Bus go, “GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!” One tour bus uses far less fuel than 50 cars!!!

Plan Ahead for your Guest’s Wedding Day Transportation

It’s easy and simple. Here’s what to do.

Three months before the wedding:

  • Book the wedding transportation for your guests with a reputable charter tour bus company.
  • Be sure to check the bus company’s cancellation policy in case thing have to change for some reason.
  • When your invitations go out, include a response card for guests to indicate if they will be using the provided wedding transportation.
  • Check with the hotel where you block booked rooms for you guests, the ceremony and the reception hall – and confirm that the addresses you gave the bus company is correct.
  • Consult with the bus company to create a transportation schedule, and send a copy to the hotel for them to display near the front desk – making sure they include the name of the wedding.
  • Confirm that the bus company will show the name of the wedding in their windshield

One month before the wedding:

  • Reconfirm your guest numbers and make sure the bus has the correct amount of seats available.
  • Reconfirm the routes and pickup times for each location.
  • If you would like any audio or video presentations to play during the trips make sure the bus company has them in the correct format, and that the driver will get them. The music of your choice, or a photo montage, will set a tone for everything that follows. Stamp your personality on day right when it starts for all.
  • Designate a friend or family member to assume the role of bus ‘captain’ – responsible to let the drivers know that all the guests are on board and they are ready to roll.
  • If any extra items need to be transported to the wedding – Tripods? Camera equipment? Grand pianos? Circus animals for an exotic parade? Auntie Millie’s 50 pound handbag? – confirm that they are all on board.
  • Finally, enjoy your day knowing that you provided your wonderful guests with something very special – an easy and relaxed day from beginning to end!


Motor Coaches in Shapes & Sizes to Fulfill Your Wedding Transportation Ideas

Just like your wedding guests, motor coaches come in all shapes and sizes. The larger ones are equipped with restrooms, air conditioning and storage areas. Some companies offer perimeter couches, bar, lighting effects and amazing sound systems!

There are options like 25 passenger limo buses to carry the entire wedding party – so you and those closest to you do not have to travel in multiple separate smaller limos. Your wedding bus company can assist you in all the planning and satisfy every wedding transport need and desire. The experienced companies can make creative suggestions for details you may not have even considered.

Where to Start? How to Find that Wonderful Bus for Weddings

Start with an internet search, get recommendations from people you know, and look at listings and directories in your area. The local yellow pages are still a valid resource. Once you contact a charter bus provider, ask them for their own recommendations for your day, and be sure to check out their safety record. They can direct you to this information because it is compiled by the government and absolutely available to the public. If they don’t – then don’t hop on their bus!

The charter bus company can email you additional photos of their bus exteriors and interiors, and can help you with putting together the absolute best wedding transportation plan for your once in a lifetime, amazing, incredible, special day!

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