Senior Group Trips

Senior Group Trips

by The Coach Team

So back in the day everyone just piled into the car. There were no seat belts, rarely a safety headrest. Forget about airbags and crumple zones, and car seats for kids and babies? The bassinet just got put across the back seat. Gas prices were not overbearing, and even Mid-Town Manhattan did not have overwhelming traffic.

Beautiful tall giraffes at the zoo prarie.
Peaceful Giraffes at the Zoo

There were no turbos, and four wheel drives, or even front wheel drives, and VW Beetles were considered safe cars to buy for your family. No one texted while driving, and if you had a bit much to drink – the police would just tell you to ‘take it easy’ on your way home.

It was a totally different time!

And you were younger too, with a full tank of energy. Now you are older and wiser – but not yet ready to sit in the corner chair all day. You still have some get up and go.

New Travel Options for Seniors

But where can you go, and what can you do? How to go about putting it all together?

There’s help for that. A tour bus company has the expertise to guide you in creating the itinerary for your senior group trips. What you need is your imagination!

Think about it. What are those places you always wanted to go to?

  • Historical Sites – All across the country are destinations of historical significance but big and small. Some are perfect for just an hour or two stop along the way, and others need a day or two to explore in their fullest.
  • Museums – Art, Science, Maritime, Literary, Railway – you name it – and there is probably a museum for it. They are sprinkled all over, in big cities, small towns and along the connecting routes.
  • Sports Related Destinations – Did you ever want to see a ballgame at Wrigley Field? At Fenway Park? At Yankee Stadium? How ‘bout professional soccer in one of the new venues? Cooperstown – were you ever there? It’s a beautiful little town that revolves around the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • Nature – Mountains, beaches, beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Trees and flowers. Botanical Gardens & farm country. The earth is a wonderful place to be!
  • Zoos – Animals and more animals! Zoos have come a long way with spectacular exhibits and free range environments. Even sitting in the shade taking it all in, people and animal watching is a great thing to do.
  • Water Parks & Extreme Sports – Well – you might want to draw the line here! Leave these for the younger generations!


Coordinate Every Detail of your Group’s Travel Plans

It’s simple. Forget the past ways of the car on the highway. You deserve a more relaxing and luxurious means of travel to your senior trip destination. Comfortable and safe with professional drivers and the home base support of an experienced customer service oriented charter bus company. Your trip and everything surrounding it is coordinated.

We’re ready – are you? Don’t just think about it – make it happen. Give us a call yourself, or inspire your senior group point person to get those tour bus wheels turning!

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