Senior Trip Ideas You Always Wanted To Make Happen

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Senior Trip Ideas You Always Wanted To Make Happen

by The Coach Team

So – you are now a senior citizen. You earned that status – it took years to get there!!

And this is what you deserve at this stage of your life:

  • The right to take it all a little easier.
  • Less worry.
  • The chance to do some things you always wanted to do.

Casino slot machines with numbers spinning.

One thing that a lot of seniors we talk to want to do is travel. When you were working or raising kids there was only a little amount of time available to spend seeing all the places that interest you. Now is different. The thing is – it doesn’t happen unless you make it happen!

Since you deserve less stress and worry and should be making things easier on yourself – why not simplify everything. Write down the places you want to go in the USA and call us. Let our courteous and knowledgeable staff chat with you or your senior group leader, listen to your travel dreams, and customize an itinerary that fits you like a glove. We know how to take your senior trip ideas and turn them into something incredible. Whether it is a one day excursion or a multi-day overnight trip, it can all be expertly planned with attention to detail, so that you and your traveling companions know every aspect of the trip well in advance. Our representatives can expand on your desires and add in points of interests and attractions, pit stops and dining all along the way.

The New Bus is NOT Like the OLD Bus!

You can’t help but notice every day how much things have changed in the past few decades. Flat screen TV’s, the internet, social media, wireless remotes, smart phones, GPS, programmable toasters – the list goes on and on. Do all these things create a better life? Yes and no – the answer is surely debatable. We’re sure you have your opinions.

But we know one thing is certainly true. If you travel on a modern charter tour bus, you will see first-hand how wonderful the current vehicles are. Luxurious, comfortable, quiet and safe with panoramic view windows so you can see every sight and things of interest along the way, while a professional highly trained experienced driver navigates you to your destinations of choice. Forget those bus trips from yesteryear – it is without a doubt a new dawn of tour bus travel. You will love it!

Street view of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

Let’s Make It Easy for YOU…

We are awaiting your initial call. We guarantee that we can make your senior trip an amazing and memorable experience. If you are ready to go we can interact with you right now to get it all in motion. If you are just maybe considering a senior group excursion for the first time, and unsure of the whether you want to proceed – then just call us for some more information. Suggestions, recommendations and prices are all things we will gladly share with you. We know that seniors are often on tight budgets, and we are skilled with putting together packages that give you the most for the amount you are comfortable spending. Give us your questions and we will give you back the answers you need to decide what to do. We are dedicated to helping our seniors enjoy their well deserved vacations!

So go where you always wanted to go – without stress and worry – and take it easy in your senior years. You deserve it!

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