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Senior Prom & Graduation Party Charter Bus Transportation

by The Coach Team

As little kids, they were walked to the big yellow bus and driven off to school, and returned safely at the end of the day. They have now done this transportation routine through every grade level carrying bigger and bigger back packs and feeling more and more like bigger kids.

More than a decade later, High School graduation is just about here – and with that comes the Senior Prom and Graduation Parties! Milestones for sure – with more miles to safely travel before their time at High School is over.

Colored ballons and graduation caps thrown in the air at an artist's rendition of an celebratory party event.

Have Professionals Transport Your Most Precious Passengers

We have been doing it for years. Parents, school administrators, teachers and event planners have all told us it was the best decision they ever made. Why?:

  • The kids are safe.
  • There is much more control over what’s brought to the Prom & events.
  • The hours are pre-planned and scheduled in advance.
  • Drop-offs & pick-ups are easy to plan.
  • Eliminates peer pressure regarding car transportation – and who’s driving who.
  • Takes the potentially deadly driving & drink/drugs combination right out of the mix.
  • There is adult supervision on board (requirement).
  • Peace of mind for all!!!


Modern, Comfortable & Safe – with Sound Systems!

The modern charter buses are certainly such a far cry from the old yellow school bus. They look cool on the outside, and are totally luxurious throughout the interior. Plush seats, air conditioning, smooth comfort.

Our pro drivers are extremely experienced and have done so many of these type of events before. The passengers are the future of the world, and precious to all their friends and family. We know how to make the Senior Prom & Graduation Parties memorable events for all the participants, as well as take any complicated logistics planning right out of the mix. It’s also a great time for the young adults to bond together one more time on a bus, before they soon all go in separate life directions.

Plan your School’s Prom & Grad Party with Us

We’re just a call away. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff is ready to talk to you, firm up the date, and safely drive your kids.

Professional prom and party transportation may be one of the last elementary and high school decisions that need to be made. It is also one the most important. Make the event the focus, not riding around in cars.

We know how to keep everyone safe, while adding some structure and schedule to getting everyone to and from these wonderful events. Please call us today for cost and any other considerations.

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