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Senior Summer Road Trips

by The Coach Team

The summer is here, and if you are a senior citizen or a senior group leader, you know that it is not wise to wait until the last minute to think about or plan your warm weather activities. So don’t wait until the birds start chirping and the flowers start to bloom – get your summer senior trips organized while the snow and ice are still falling!

The decision will be where to go. Familiar places are great to revisit – like connecting once again with an old friend. Journeys to discover something new are also exciting. Perhaps a mix of both can be accomplished on the same itinerary.

A delicious dessert pastry buffet.
Delicious Pastries

Sports, Shows, and Maybe Casinos

When was the last time you went to Yankee Stadium? Citi Field? Fenway Park? Two brand new, and one historic ballpark in the North East – perhaps a tour bus excursion can include 2 out of 3 over a few days. That’s a batting average of .666!!

Broadway shows, museums, and attractions in New York City are all there waiting for you. There are new openings coming like The Bridges of Madison County, Bullets Over Broadway, Aladdin AND Rocky!! Art and historical museums are all over the city, and that is just the tip of the iceberg displaying so many things to do in the Big Apple.

Want some senior sparkle and action? Atlantic City and Connecticut casinos have it all under their roofs. Gamble away some of your kids inheritance, and take in all the luxurious amenities offered.

Are Your Starting To Get Hungry?

Food buffet with a wide variety of cuisine.
Incredible Food Buffets

Go crazy for a few days. (We won’t tell your doctor!) Along any route there are spectacular dining experiences, and in metro regions the choices are unlimited. Break out from your normal cuisine for an excursion into a little bit of decadence – chocolate, pastries, over stuffed sandwiches, and delicious multi-course meals. Pick a ‘food route’ road trip and explore a taste sensation at every stop.

How to Make a Choice…

Seniors know what they want – by now that’s an acquired skill! Some guidance is all you need to get it all together. A luxurious, safe motor coach tour bus is a wonderful option for your entire senior citizen group. Professional assistance is available to you and your group, and you can plan every mile of your trip with folks like us who know the territory –  the best of the best along every roadway and within each destination. Socialize, rest, read, or view the beautiful scenery. If you fall asleep in the comfort of modern charter bus reclining seats – we’ll wake you up when you get there!

There are always a few proactive ones in every group. Is that you? Just take the initiative to call us up. We’ll chat for a while – no hard sell – just information and collaboration to assist you in whatever journey your senior group desires this summer!