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Travel Ideas for Senior Citizens

by The Coach Team

You’re not quite ready yet for just starring out the window at the cars. You still have some spring in your step and you still turn your head when you see another (attractive) senior walking in the park! So get up and out – do stuff. You ain’t getting’ any younger you know!

Where do you go? How do you get there?

Remember those old school bus trips – intense summer heat, windows open, noisy, windy, or drafty winter cold, bumpy rides, long grueling journeys, hard seats, questionable rest rooms, grumpy driver.

Those days are long gone! Just like TV’s without remote controls and cars without headrests! Technology in your lifetime has gone crazy with advancement – at a similar rate as your own enhanced wisdom & knowledge has increased over time. The bus of the 40’s & 50’s is now a museum piece that will bring back memories. Today’s charter tour buses are amazing pieces of vehicle machinery!

A group of senior citizens walking through a scenic nature spot on a bus tour excursion vacation trip.

Plush comfortable reclining seats, entertainment screens, modern rest room facilities, professional highly trained drivers, temperature controlled, quite, luxurious and super safe! No airports to navigate through. You get to see the sights and scenery go by and by. And unlike train travel – side excursions between destinations can be easily put into your senior group’s itinerary. So if there is a winery, or historical museum, or art gallery along the way – it is just a few turns away. Furthermore, experienced tour bus representatives can fill you and your group in on all the little tucked away gems of stop overs that line your travel plan route.

Your senior group can go anywhere it desires, and schedule in something for everyone – so all members feel like they have had their say, contributing ideas to the overall trip.

Your destinations? That is wide open to your imagination! Here are some suggestions for the North Eastern USA.

Itinerary Destinations & Side Excursions for Senior Charter Bus Trips

  • BEACHES – All along the East Coast are such a variety of wonderful beaches. Your senior group can start with a trip to Atlantic City. Walk the famous Boardwalk, take in the sun and the sea, have lunch at one of the fabulous all you can eat buffets in the easily accessible casinos. And then you can hit the slots (or Black Jack table)! If your group wants to make a long day of it – a sleep over can easily be scheduled in. Rise up the next morning, and greet it another great buffet for breakfast (and take a little extra for the trip ahead), then kick back in your cushy seat on the tour bus and off you all go – where next? How ‘bout Hammonasset Beach State Park in Connecticut! Rustic with picnic areas and two miles of beaches with Boardwalks. With a little more driving, your charter can dock at the Mystic Seaport and the The Museum of America and The Sea. There is so much for seniors to do and see here. History, demonstrations, Planetarium, 19th Century Villages, and Vessels. Getting hungry? Nearby are wonderful restaurants to plan a group dinner at. Stay overnight again a quaint hotel – have a cordial at the bar with your friends and then get a good relaxing night’s sleep before traveling home the next day! Wow – now that’s a fun trip!
  • SPORTS – Do you old time baseball fans sit around reminiscing about games of yesteryear? When was the last time you went out to the ballpark. No driving or trains – your luxurious tour bus will take you right to the entrance gate of the stadium! How’s this for a two day excursion? A highway excursion to Fenway Park in Boston to watch the Red Sox swing those bats, back to your hotel in downtown Boston, a delicious breakfast the next morning, and then on to the House That Ruth Built – Yankee Stadium in the Bronx! Two beautiful historical ball parks full of history and memories that will spark conversation with both laughs and debates. The spirit and passion that ONLY baseball brings out of its true fans. Bring home an official cap for your grandkid – and tell them that you got it right at the ballpark!
  • NEW ENGLAND VILLAGES – Wow, there are so many to choose from! A bus excursion is the absolute perfect way to do it. Here are some 24 New England Towns that you will adore! Just looking at the pictures of them make you want to be there right now. From Woodstock Vermont to Rockport, Massachusetts, to Bar Harbor, Maine to Newport, Rhode Island. Quaint little shops of all kinds line the small town sidewalks of these areas of treasure. Most are situated in the most beautiful areas of countryside and ocean. Restaurants? Too many unique ones to choose from – many featuring local fare & their own specialties – like panini at Fiddleheads in Hancock, New Hampshire, or seafood at The Quarterdeck Restaurant in Falmouth, Massachusetts or Markel’s Bakehouse in Castine, Maine, serving the most amazing pastries, cookies & cakes just for you! Plan an itinerary that includes a variety of beautiful little towns to discover and explore. Make it a 2 or 3 day adventure and really feel like you got to experience a great get away!
  • MUSEUMS – Past, present and future. THAT’s what museums are all about! There are big ones and small ones. The big one’s are well known and excellent places to be the focal point for your destination. However, it is the little ones that are often the special gems to discover! Like The Willard House and Clock Museum in North Grafton, Massachusetts. Yesteryear’s innovative and high quality handmade time pieces marrying both technology and art. Two hundred years later – they are still functional and telling time accurately. What a testament to old world craftsmanship at a level that museum director Patrick Keenan says, “You just don’t find that kind of care in making things anymore.” And in Providence, Rhode Island is the Culinary Arts Museum. Are you interested in this? According to the director and curator, Richard J.S. Gutman – if you eat – you WILL be totally enamored with what you see here! An original uniform from a TWA’s stewardess wardrobe, a carhop 50’s aluminum serving tray, and tons of cookbooks, photographs, counter appliances, antique stoves and menus! Reminisce and get hungry all at the same time!

It’s all up to you and your senior group. So many choices. But one constant. We can help plan your trip and itinerary and pick you all up and give you the ride of your life! Togetherness in a senior adventure – in a modern, state of the art, super-comfortable and safe coach tour bus.

Call us now – even if just to initially start the conversation and gain information to bring back into your group. Anything is doable and very affordable, and our staff’s expertise and highest level of customer care is always there for you and your party.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Senior motor coach tours are one of our specialties, and all of us at Coach Tours look would love to have you onboard!

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