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Senior Bus Tours in New York, New Jersey & New England

by The Coach Team
Luxurious charter tour buses arrival at a rustic Northeast tourist location.
Senior Bus Tours to East Coast Destinations

Who wants to drive?

It may be adventurous freedom for the young, but as one advances in years, there are other priorities. Like comfort, safety, and the desire for someone else to provide professional services so that you can relax and enjoy the scenery while traveling to your destination. So many senior citizens love to stay active, and they also have the available post-retirement time and resources to get out and do things that were too difficult to fit in during younger days. Often, one of the desires that was  hard to find the time to do  is  travel – and there is no better way for seniors to travel than on luxurious, modern and safe charter tour buses.

Charter Tour Bus Trips for Senior Citizen Groups

Who wants to travel alone?

Seniors like to be social. Friendships are so important and there is no better way to enhance those bonds then by journeys together. Your senior group should explore the exciting possibilities of traveling together to a variety of the amazing destinations in the North East. From the Metropolis of New York City, always full of shows, theater, events, fine dining and tourist attractions, all the way up to the many New England relaxing beaches and attractions, and including the exciting casinos in New Jersey and Connecticut – there is something for everyone.

How Can Seniors Plan Exciting New England Charter Bus Tours?

It’s simple. Make a list of all the places in New York and New England that you have always wanted to see. There are so many to choose from. Start talking to other members of your church or social groups. Get some ideas flowing. New York Yankee games, seaport sunsets, afternoon slot machines, evening Broadway shows, surf -side boardwalks, concerts, cultural events, dining experiences – the bus tour trips are only limited by your imagination.

Many senior citizen groups have directors who can gain more information on logistics and cost, coordinate the participants, and expedite the plan. Talk to them and get the charter bus ball rolling!

Find a Professional & Safe New England Tour Bus Company

Your group director can next contact the bus service provider that best satisfies your expected senior group’s needs. At that point, your trip’s horizons can possibly expand. The experienced charter bus company representative can offer more ideas and additional points of interest along the way. Their tremendous experience in putting together bus tour packages, along with the overview and  knowledge on the area you are planning to travel to – will help create an incredible travel experience for all involved.

In addition to the luxurious charter bus and friendly professional driver, a top tour bus company can also provide a soup to nuts experience for you and everyone in your senior group. Hotels and routes, little detours to  somewhat unknown points of interest and dining secrets along the way – everything is planned in advance so that your will have a relaxing and inspiring trip far beyond what you might initially anticipate.

We hope this article plants the seed, and that it encourages your senior citizen group to get out into the fresh air and beauty of the North East Coast of the United States. We also encourage you to let us help plan your motorcoach tour.

Our courteous staff is available to provide all the information your senior group needs, and answer any questions or concerns any members may have. If you chose Coach Tours for your group’s tour bus company, we will give you the absolute best personal interaction and service available, and make all your senior group’s travel dreams easily come true!

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