School Bus Trips

School Bus Trips

by The Coach Team

The new school year is starting around the country, and the kids get back into their yellow school buses to commute to and from their daily classes. The traditional school bus has come a long way in terms of comfort, safety and reliability and it serves its purpose well as the ride standard that kids, drivers, and bus monitors expect.

A big yellow school bus awaiting passangers in a parking lot.
Traditional Yellow School Bus

School districts often span a large geographical territory of hundreds of square miles, but even with that, most students spend less than a half hour riding the bus to their school. Some just a few minutes, with a portion of that in stop mode time picking up children along the route.

Student Field Trips, Sporting & Special Events Bus Travel

Many times during the school year, it is necessary to transport the school kids to destinations other than to school and back home. There are numerous field trips for all different age groups – to museums, zoos, aquariums, music performances, plays, workshops, and other cultural events. Outdoor activities related to a science, historical or geographical topic, current lesson, or school curriculum. Participating in sports activities, games, and clinics often requires bringing kids a great distance away from their school home base.

Mileage, mileage and more mileage. For school trips that cover substantial distances, the typical school bus vehicles are not always the best choice. That’s where a modern motor coach company can offer a cost effective and logistic upgrade that should be seriously considered. For these longer distances, a tour bus is so much more comfortable. Many kids (and teachers) may want to fall asleep on the way to or back from a school excursion. Yellow school buses were just not designed with the desired amount of comfort included. Motor coaches have plush seats, and are more quiet, smoother, have better AC and heating systems, and include amenities like closed circuit TV, headphone hook ups, reclining backrests, and bathrooms.

In addition, the normal school bus route drivers may not be experienced driving in areas they are not familiar with. The rural driver may have never traveled on city streets and in traffic congestion, and the urban driver could certainly be less comfortable navigating in the dark around narrow two lane country roads.

Supplement your School Travel with a Professional Tour Bus Company Services

Luxury motorcoach is traveling down highway in the country.
Comfortable & Safe Charter Bus

A professional motor coach company can seamlessly supplement your school’s internal transportation capabilities.
• Find a reliable provider, and scrutinize their safety record.
• Have their representatives interact with your school administrators and director of transportation.
• Collaborate with their team to decide on the appropriate bus vehicle size for the particular school trips.
• Establish a working relationship with your chosen charter bus company, and move into the school year confidently knowing that all your supplemental transportation needs are professionally covered.