Some Old Buses Never Die!

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Some Old Buses Never Die!

by The Coach Team

The Enterprise aircraft carrier in NYC displays mothballed aircraft from yesteryear. As part of the museum, there is also an out of service submarine and a retired space shuttle.

Did you ever wonder about what happens to all the old buses that were taken out of service?

Well, some get junked or used for spare parts. They can get recycled to other countries or sold for scrap metal.

Some have a better after-service life!

Hank's renovated bus interior with fine woodworking that creates a living space.

Here’s a story about someone named Hank who bought a used bus!

Hank’s Renovated House-Bus

Hank was an architectural student and as his Masters Project he decided to buy and renovate an old $3,000 he bought on Craig’s List into a fantastic living space! Fifteen weeks and $6,000 later it was done. A beautiful design and fine woodworking created a functional, flexible and comfortable living space for much less expense than buying or building a traditional house!

A Repurposed Bus Becomes a Homeless Center

We also found an example of a bus repurposed into a center to help the homeless! In New Mexico, retrofitted with showers and bathroom facilities, this bus goes a long way to improving the quality of life for all who use it. Funding was received to maintain and continue the endeavor to help the homeless in that area.

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