USA Road Trips

USA Road Trips

by The Coach Team

So many highways, so many miles, so much to see! Breathtaking ocean beaches, scenic mountain ranges, historic little towns, major metropolitan cities – and the roads to them are all connected!

Coach Tours luxury motor coach charter bus on a mountain highway in the summer.
Summer Luxury Travel

On a road trip, there is always a sense of travel accomplishment. It’s different than stepping off a plane at an airport after looking down at the tops of clouds for hours. Road travel comes with so much more interaction between you and everything of interest between destinations. There is a one to one connection to your environment when you watch America move by your window one mile marker at a time.

Planning an East Coast Road Trip

Coach Tours motor coach passengers arrive at a scenic rural location.
Coach Tours at a Scenic Location

There are so many areas of the USA to explore and experience. The East Coast is a seasonal display of variety that is accessible to everyone. Your imagination is essential in planning a road trip; you can be creative and invent an itinerary that has never been navigated before.

Use these questions as an imagination jump start:

  • What do you like?
  • What are your interests?
  • What cultural events do you get excited about?
  • Are you a city connoisseur?
  • Do you crave the countryside?
  • Do sports rule your life?
  • Are restaurants, dining and nightlife essential?
  • Have a desire to hook up with family & friends along the way?
  • Do you prefer guidance and structure?
  • Is free form exploration more your style?

There are no rules for a fun and exciting vacation road trip! The East Coast of the United States has everything you can think of, right along with all you are yet to know about and discover.

Car – or Luxurious Modern Charter Coach Tour Bus?

One additional question to ask yourself – who do you want behind the wheel? It’s fun to drive yourself – to a point. We all have our physical limits and pace. There is something trending in 2013, and that is the preferred alternative to sitting it the driver’s seat. Modern Tour Bus Road Trip Travel on your own terms. So different than the bumpy old school bus trips, and unique and personalized compared to buying individual bus seats to one particular destination.

You, your friends, your family, your group – all collaborate on the most amazing East Coast road trip imaginable – and rent the charter tour bus to be your chariot. Partner with a tour bus charter company that is friendly, experienced and creative, and together plan a travel experience.

Best Road Trip Destination?

Anywhere and everywhere. You decide.

Do something you’ve never done before, look out and see the countryside instead of just the back of the truck in front of you. Save your eyes for sightseeing. Conserve your concentration for relaxed thought and day dreaming about what a great decision it was to try something new. It’s a highway that can take you away on a memorable journey – a vacation across the beautiful land we often never take the time to connect with!

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