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Niagara Falls Senior Trips

by The Coach Team

Slowly the bus turned – mile by mile, inch by inch – headed to the spectacular spectacle of Niagara Falls!

Abbott & Costello were funny in their classic Niagara Falls sketch, but the immense water power that these falls display is quite serious. Maybe you have been there – a long time ago. Or maybe never.

It is certainly a destination that everyone should get to at least once in their lifetime. A senior trip there is a perfect opportunity for you and your group to take a luxurious excursion in a comfortable modern charter tour bus.

A view of Niagara Falls during a bright sunny day.

Modern Luxury for Senior Citizens

Remember those old-time bus excursions – bumpy, noisy, hot – or cold, diesel fumes, hard seats, no safety features, stuck windows, grumpy drivers (sometimes)?

THOSE times have TOTALLY changed!

Charter tour buses have now entered modern times. Night and day from decades ago. They are plush and extremely comfortable, with amenities that make them the preferred means of travel for so many people.

The seats are like your own living room, and the windows give you a panoramic view of everything going by outside. Tour bus drivers are top professionals, courteous, knowledgeable, and always safety conscious. Safety is first – always – and tour bus vehicles have such features that are innovative with both drivability AND protection of passengers. Clean, redesigned rest rooms, entertainment systems, and expansive luggage and personal item storage spaces are all made to make your travel an exceptional experience.

The Tour Bus Travel Experience to Niagara Falls

Majestic. That might just be the best word to describe Niagara Falls – along with Amazing, Mind Boggling, Inspiring, and Incredible! There are a number of great viewing areas on both the American and Canadian sides of the falls.

While the water flows you and your senior group can take a step back and also enjoy all the tremendous dining experiences. There are also shops and points of interest to see and explore, and a lot of new folks – from all over the world – to meet and interact with.

Seniors + Casinos = Fun

Don’t forget – there are 3 casinos in Niagara Falls! Fallsview Casino & Resort (Canada side), Casino Niagara (Canada side) and Seneca Niagara (New York side). The legal age to gamble in 19 in Canada and 21 in New York. (We assume you got both of those covered!)

And not JUST gambling. They have Las Vegas entertainers and comedians and great musicians of worldwide renown.

The BEST Way to Go!

One of the best things about a tour bus motor coach trip is to be able to watch the countryside unfold right before your eyes. Every twist, every turn, every stretch of highway, the country scenery, the towns, the cities. All things that go unnoticed when traveling other ways. There is a charming one to one connection to your moving environment.

A professional tour bus company can provide excellent customer service every step (or mile) of the way. It starts with experienced assistance in your senior group’s trip. Every detail – including recommended or desired stops along the route – will be designed into the excursion. Hotels, motels and wonderful places to dine and rest stop are identified in advance, and become part of your itinerary.

There are almost always great additional points of interest along the route to your destination. Museums, shopping districts, and that unique luncheonette that you might see on the cooking TV channel.

Planning a Senior Group Trip to Niagara Falls is Easy

Coach Tours is standing by to do it ALL for you and your senior group. It’s easy – just call us. Let’s have that initial conversation, share ideas, budget and all the things you desire to do and see.

Our safety record is stellar, and we feel that our customer service and professional experienced drivers are the best in the business.

Niagara Falls – here we come!

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