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Travel Planning Tips; Motorcoach Vacations Throughout the Northeast

by The Coach Team

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The Northeast is one of the most beautiful and fun filled areas of the country. From our centrally located Coach Tours home base we have a premier overview of all the cities, towns and attractions around us.

Motor coach day trips, weekends away, and extended stay luxury charter bus travel – are all ways to get to your destination while seeing all the beautiful countryside, urban areas and points of interest along the way. There are a variety of favorite places to go, seasonal attractions, and all the little nooks and crannies in between just waiting to be discovered. If you plan well, and time it right, you can find great travel deals in every direction.

Travel Planning Tips in the Northeastern Area

Your group is planning a trip to New York City? Planning a tour of Washington DC? Perhaps your group is planning a trip to a Casino or even to Canada. You’ve decided the destination, what do you do next?

Find Great Travel Deals: Planning a Trip to Washington DC?US Capital Building sun lit close up in Washington, DC.

First, you must choose the most economical time to go. If you are planning a trip to Washington DC in April, you’ll be paying top dollar for the bus and the rooms. If you go to Williamsburg, VA, you might get a bargain on the hotel, and you can stop in DC or Philadelphia for a few hours on the way down and back.

When is the Best Time for Planning a Trip?

Everyone wants to go to the Casino in the summer, but the best bonus is in December and January through Easter. Make sure you can move the trip to another day at no charge if the weather forecast is bad. Most motorcoach companies will let you cancel at no charge if the weather is bad. Some will even let you pick an alternate date in advance, and not charge a cancellation fee. Perhaps some in your group feel a little skeptical about traveling long distances in the winter. If so, then a day trip might be the answer. Plan a NYC museum trip, a Broadway show, or an exciting sports event. A day trip to Philly or Boston takes advantage of our Northeast closeness of major cities. If your group is young, think about winter ski trips for either one day or a weekend in New York, or Vermont. When the summer sun is baking, take an easy luxurious bus charter to your favorite beach spots. Relax after your long action packed day – as experienced professional drivers watch the road and take you home, or to your next destination.

How You Can Find Great Travel Deals?

Explore your proposed destination for off season pricing and see what’s available. Cape Cod and Maine can be as much as 60% less if you go in the Spring or Fall. If you are planning a trip during the High Season, how can you find great travel deals? Try booking Casinos on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday and avoid the Weekend if your group can. Some places are just the opposite. Montreal, Toronto and Boston are cheaper for hotels and attractions on the weekend (Friday thru Sunday) in the summer because their populations like to get out of town on the weekend and the business travelers are not occupying the high end hotels.

Go on state travel commission web sites and see what’s new in the adjacent areas. These sites often have good information on Music and Theater, as well as Flea Markets and interesting regional Fairs that will be of interest to many of your group members.

Spectacular view of Atlantic City casino lights and shore line at dusk.
NYC, Boston & Philly are close urban areas surrounded by beautiful countryside – amazing Motorcoach trip options for planning a trip in the beautiful Northeast.

If you’ve got a younger crowd, look into amusement parks and see what specials are available. Your bus company can get a group rate for you, or in some cases you can do as well or better if you pick up enough “2 For” tickets at your local handy mart or gas station. There are also online discount offers available to the savvy internet user.

Our final travel planning tip is to remember that lots of places to see are free or very inexpensive. Within the current economy that is often a big consideration when traveling with a group or family. State or Municipal Museums or Art Galleries are just two types of attractions that can be very reasonable and make for great travel deals. When you call your motorcoach travel, ask your charter bus company if any particular days are discounted and take advantage of it. Finally remember to check the National and State safety rating of the bus company you are considering in order to have a worry free trip for you group. We pride ourselves in putting your safety first and many diligent tour bus companies do exactly the same. The info is readily available to the public and should be viewed.

We hope that you and your group enjoy your trip! Let us know your travel planning tips by comments below! We would love to hear from you.

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