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John Lennon Educational Bus

by The Coach Team

School kids in 2013 might ask: Who is this John Lennon guy anyway?.

That question might seem silly to someone who grew up in the 60’s when Beatlemania swept the world. In that decade John Lennon, John Kennedy, Mohammad Ali – these were the names of the handful of most influential and recognizable people on the planet. But a half a century has now passed and new generations have their own heroes.

Since 1998, however, the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus has become a mobile venue in America for school kids to be creative and explore and make music together. Recently, a new high tech Lennon bus hit the European shore and the same program is in motion oversees.

What Happens When You Hop on the John Lennon Bus?

The blue John Lennon Educational Bus with students posing along side.
The John Lennon Bus

Good things happen! Teenagers get to be hands on with original music, photos, video and really any sort of digital media creation. It is meant to be an imagination eye opener – open the view to a new world of creativity and career opportunities that may exist beyond the perceived boundaries of the town being visited. Often, it is hard for a kid or their parents and friends to experience opportunities when they may not currently exist in their vicinity.

The engagement is usually a one day – beginning to end – process, from initial idea to its fruition. Eight to ten students interact and work with the John Lennon Bus crew of three pro’s who travel to schools, colleges and hook up with touring artists.

A Magical Mystery Bus for Education

Everyone involved should be commended. Yoko Ono, the bus crew, the organization, the kids and the sponsors which include Apple Computers, guitar manufactures Gibson and Epiphone, Sony cameras and Audio Technica microphones.

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