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Indoor Water Parks in the Northeast

by The Coach Team

Many football and baseball stadiums have domes that keep out the heat of the sun, as well as the inclement elements of rain, snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Climate control makes for a pleasant day any time of year. Why not adopt that idea to playing in the water?

Moving river with kids playing at the Great Escape indoor water park in Lake George, New York

That is exactly what is trending today, with indoor water parks are on the rise. Many have hotel facilities that are unique and geared for kids. Often rooms include the park admission fees, and can accommodate more than the usual head count of kids and parents staying in one room.

Here Are the Top Choices That We Can Take You To

You can all pile into the car or minivan OR instead everyone can hop on a comfortable motorcoach capable of accommodating the whole soccer team, class or church group, or with all your long lost relatives for a memorable reunion.

Here are six great indoor water park destinations:

Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark

This one is in the Lake George, NY area, and it’s a good one! If you would like to stay up later with the adults chaperones, the kids can go to sleep in a rustic little cabin built right within the hotel room. They can have their own space and so can you, and in the morning – just hope that you all got the necessary sleep for an exciting day ahead. Over 150 individual and interactive water park features that get you wet and rocking in the waves and surf.

Split Rock Resort & Golf Club

50,000 plus square feet of indoor water fun – that’s bigger than how many bath tubs? We’ll let you do the math. That might be a good problem to figure out on the drive to Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania. Split Rock is an indoor water park that is relatively new and high tech. Jungle and Amazon themes and geysers that erupt all over you and your kids. There is even a stories high tree house in the Rainforest themed water park.

Rocking Horse Ranch Resort’s Big Splash Indoor Water Park

Back in Highland, New York, this is a water park with decades of history. The Western themed pools and attractions and the balmy year round temperatures are perfect for the soccer field length water slide, and challenge attractions like climbing up nets around tubes without getting dunked! All inclusive room rates are available for as many as comes along for the rides.

Sahara Sam’s Oasis Indoor Water Park

Over in West Berlin, New Jersey, they have made the official decree that 84 degrees is the perfect indoor water fun temperature. We’ll take their word for it. Lagoons, snakes, lizards. There are about a dozen water rides in the 58,000 square foot park area. There is even a camel that attracts everyone’s attention as the water park mascot. Camels don’t get too thirsty – so they don’t have to worry about him drinking up all the many pools and flowing waters!

The Great Wolf Lodge

The Pennsylvania Poconos is a member of a big chain of parks where you can play in the water. They use close to a half million gallons of water, a water slide the size of a city block, and a fort that goes up 12 stories. In addition, if you want to relax and chill, a mellow lazy winding creek ride is the destination. That laid back style is well balanced by a 436 foot crazy Coyote Cannon water slide close by. Great Wolf is the closest indoor water park to New York City.

CoCo Key Water Resort

We saved the one for last that is located in the most appropriate area name – Waterbury, Connecticut! CoCo Key, like Great Wolf, is a national chain of water parks. It is part of the Holiday Inn, and that creates yet a second on target related name – because your kids will have the greatest holiday right there. Pelican Plunge, Barracuda, Blast, Shark Slam, Coral Roof Cavern – you get the picture. You’re gonna be wet. But hey, that’s the point!

Water Park Craziness?

For an insane itinerary, plan a trip for your crew to all six of these parks! You can be the preeminent indoor water park connoisseur. If you take a more conservative approach to life – pick one and capture the smile on your kids’ face when you break the news that a family and friend trip there is on the calendar. As the grow-up participant who may be hesitant at first to jump into the water – once there and in the splash of it – you will rate these parks among the ultimate fun places to go with children.

Part of having kids is doing these kind of things with them when they are at the age to really enjoy it, bond better with their friends and relatives along with you, and have memorable close quality time with YOU – the parent who makes these wonderful exciting experiences happen for your children.