Do You Ever Say, “I Hate Driving?”

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Do You Ever Say, “I Hate Driving?”

by The Coach Team
When you were a teenager you just couldn’t count the days fast enough. A rite of passage into young adulthood was getting your driver’s license. Getting behind the wheel was going to give you freedom, and you couldn’t wait to hit the road!

Fast forward a few decades – both in your own life and in the road culture – and it’s a different time. The novelty might have worn off by now, and you really don’t like to drive anymore. Traffic, commuting, detours, bad weather, poor visibility, eye strain, maps and directions, tension, rushing – these are often the words that come to mind, and associated with getting behind the wheel.
Cars stuck in standstill traffic on the highway.
Do You Hate Driving?
The streets and roads and highways have also changed. There are more vehicles on them, and sometimes they all move bumper to bumper with everyone in a hurry to get there. And the cities? That’s a whole other story. You have to assume an aggressive motorist personality to navigate in and around cars, trucks, buses, and taxis coming from all directions while trying to follow the best route to your destination.

Upon arrival – where do you park? Oh, you can park right there, for a daily rate of up to fifty dollars, or you can try to interpret the parking signs after circling the block waiting for someone to leave their precious space. Tickets, tow away zones, limited time parking, no standing, no stopping, confusing muni meters, and the fire hydrant right there in the middle of the space you thought you were going to pull into!

If You Don’t Like To Drive Anymore…

…we don’t blame you!

So, what’s the answer? Stay home!

What’s a better answer? Luxurious charter tour bus travel! Don’t miss out of reaching your desired destinations, and don’t get behind the wheel and end up in a bad, grumpy, tired mood because you hate to drive.

More and more travelers are turning to alternate methods, and kicking back in a luxurious tour bus with your friends, family or group is becoming to go to way for people who hate driving.
Coach Tours luxury motor coach charter bus on a mountain highway in the summer.
Luxurious Motor Coach Charter Bus
Do you need some ideas? Some information? Some inspiration?
We’re here, and we know the territory. And we know all the roads that crisscross and connect. And above all – our professional tour bus drivers LOVE TO DRIVE!