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Group Travel – Springtime Group Tours on a Luxurious Charter Bus

by The Coach Team
  • Cold.
  • Snow.
  • Ice.
  • Freezing rain.
  • Rain changing to snow.
  • Windchill

It’s Wintertime in the North East.

Once the holiday lights get taken down and packed away, and the deep freeze sets in even deeper – it is a great time to sit by the fire with your friends and plan a springtime group travel trip. The destinations are all open to the scope of your imagination. Be creative and focus on places you never went to, or towns and attractions that you have fond past memories about.

Bus Travel Packages for your Tour Group

Bus travel in 2014 is not like yesteryear! The cushy luxury of modern motor coaches has replaced the old bumpy, stuffy bus trip environment Comfortable seats, temperature control, and a smooth ride combine to make you feel like a king or queen, moving through the beautiful landscape, chauffeured in safety by an experienced professional driver. Forget about driving your own car, or sitting in the back seat of someone else’s. Eliminate the fatigue and eye strain. Don’t fight with the traffic and the trucks. No need to focus on maps and directions, or listen to your GPS talking the whole trip.

Get your entire tour group going on an exciting journey, traveling together, sharing time and stories, interacting, getting to know each other even better.

You can start by sketching out a desired itinerary, and then share that with an experienced tour bus company. Their input will expand the horizons of your group tour into a complete travel package – adding in the best hotels along the way, restaurants, points of interest, and providing the best route and time schedule to fit everything in that you want to experience.

Small Tour Groups or Big Tour Groups – and Everything In Between!!

A fleet of 5 white, red and yellow, Coach Tours motorcoach buses in a parking lot ready for travel in the Northeast

How many in your group travel party? Ten or a hundred? There are perfect motor coach buses to accommodate any size group tour. A well-equipped tour bus company will provide your contingent with the best options. Additionally, when the itinerary is put together by experts in the field, your costs and expenses are drastically reduced. A tour bus company can also give you a variety of choices to pick and choose from, and you and your friends in the travel group can sculpt to perfect bus travel package for a trip you will always remember!