Graceland Road Trip

Graceland Road Trip

by The Coach Team

Paul Simon experienced an unexplained desire to visit Elvis’ Graceland, and took a road trip with his son to get there. His song and the album by the same name are considered one of his finest pieces of work.

Is there some sort of inspiration at Elvis’ house – or is it more just the fascination about an icon who used to eat deep fried breaded pickles almost daily?

Elvis presley's pink Caddilac parked in front of Graceland in Memphis Tennessee.
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From the moment Elvis Presley’s ‘wild’ hip wiggling on the Ed Sullivan show compelled the network to only show him from the waist up, the nation – and the world – have had a strong Elvis connection and fascination. Over the years he went from cool, hip and innovative, to an overweight, middle age Vegas-style resemblance of earlier days, leaving dozens and dozens of Elvis Presley songs, Elvis Presley movies, Elvis Presley facts – and fiction in between the transformation. Like Frank Sinatra before him, and The Beatles and Michael Jackson afterwards, Elvis influenced the culture while becoming one of the most recognizable figures in the world.

A Unique Destination

Aside from his body of recorded and filmed work, along with millions of images, and memories of those who were there when it all happened – one historical piece of real estate remains. Graceland. His home in Memphis, Tennessee. It is perhaps a cross between a theme park and a museum. The surrounding area has been build up over the years. Twenty years ago there were only a few simple motels and burger joints nearby. The Elvis ghost is still present, and a road trip to Graceland is certainly a unique experience for all ages.

There are tours of the mansion and estate, which by Hollywood standards is surprisingly not as massive as you would imagine. The fascinating thing is all the interior rooms, decorated in eccentric Elvis ways, and all the memorabilia still all in place in Presley’s natural habitat.

Memphis, Tennessee

Graceland is in Memphis, Tennessee, and Beale Street is still an amazing strip of restaurants and music clubs. Gospel, R & B, delta blues, rock ‘n’ roll and jazz all collide and mingle together in this historic heart of downtown, and this makes for a wonderful companion destination to the Elvis estate.

In May of every year, the Beale Street Music festival hosts major national acts right near the Mississippi River that Simon so poetically sung about in the very first opening line of his classic Graceland song.

Elvis Presley dancing.
Elvis doing his thing!

Get Your Graceland Group Together!

So did you grow up with Elvis? Or did your Mom and Dad show you some of his movies? Play you his songs? Did you wonder who that guy was in the gold sparkly outfits singin’ about hound dogs? Well, whatever your memories and perceptions of Elvis are, this Spring and Summer will be the perfect time to get your group together and travel to the amazing and historical spectacle that Elvis named Graceland.

Travel packages can be expertly put together according to your every desire. A luxurious charter tour bus can belong to your group, a comfortable highway travelin’ home away from home where you can totally kick back and take in the beautiful terrain and scenery every mile along the way. Hotels, restaurants, side trips and pit stops can all be planned in advance, and with your friends and family on board, a pro driver at the wheel, and Elvisland as the destination – what could be better than that?

Well, maybe an added night at the Heartbreak Hotel while playing Jailhouse Rock is an addition that will keep you from forever getting All Shook Up!

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