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A Glimpse Into the Future of Bus Travel?

by The Coach Team

We all have our past experiences, and when the word ‘bus ride’ is mentioned we may revert back to thinking about those long rides on a noisy hot yellow school bus. Some will think of the last bus trip they had to another city, the busy terminal, the diesel fumes, the guy sitting next to them talking loud on his iPhone across from the crying toddler.

But, some will think of the awesome transportation experience they recently had on a comfortable modern tour bus.

Rock stars and other traveling performers know an even different reality – their custom tour bus is their home away from home. They finish their gig and relax and sleep on the bus at night as it heads to their next destination city.

Are we all going to travel like rock stars in the future?

rainbow-like swirl of colors follows a futuristic bus on a highway.

Upscale Overnight Buses – Sleep in a Comfortable Bed

Out on the West Coast there is a new kind of bus excursion between Los Angeles and San Francisco called Cabin Cloud. Though it is used by many business travelers, many of their reviews say that it makes them feel like a futuristic rock star. On the second level of the vehicle, everyone on board gets their own comfy glass enclosed soundproofed cabin with blackout drapes. The individual cabins look similar to a pod in a time capsule. They have personal heat and air conditioning controls, power outlets, USB ports, ear plugs, moist towelette dispenser, a reading light, fluffy pillow, spring water and a little bag that holds your outside walking shoes. The vehicle is designed with innovative patent-pending Cabin Cloud – the first software and hardware controlled suspension that diminishes bumps and vibrations so that sleep is not interrupted by any road aberrations.

Downstairs on the lower level is a lounge area with two attendants, a comfy passenger environment to gather in, and have non-alcoholic beverages and snacks before bedtime. Kids under ten years old are not allowed on the trip, and neither is cabin sharing by two individuals. All throughout, everything is crystal clean and modern, dim lights, wooden paneled side walls and white sheets on memory foam comfortable mattresses that can accommodate a 6’ 5” traveler.

Passengers often mingle wearing their pajamas, like an adult sleepover with strangers. An overnight journey in a hotel that moves.

Avoid the Airport Congestion & Problems

An airport flight status screen showing a cancelled flight in bright yellow.

Here’s the deal. Typically to travel by air from LA to San Francisco typical takes at least 4 hours. Then there are traffic considerations to and from the airport, and airport lot parking, along with check-in and security and gate waiting. Even if it ends up being no more then that 4 hours, there is a grueling element physically and mentally to be factored in. The trip will most likely cut into your workday if you are a business city to city traveler, and half your day will be for travel and may have to include a hotel on the destination end if you arrive in the evening and have a next day early morning meeting. And that adds to the flying expense.

This new alternative allows business travelers to get a good night’s sleep, wake up fresh, have a nice breakfast and coffee, get to an early day meeting – and head on back home without infringing on their body clock or awake/sleep time.

Like a Rock Star Tour Bus Home Away from Home

One way ticket prices on this innovative travel bus currently vary from $84 to $119 depending on the day of the week and the chosen month. You get to bring two pieces of luggage, get nighttime tea and free WiFi.

Is THIS a preview of the future? Sounds like it perhaps could be. Time will tell.

But one thing is for sure – more and more travelers are discovering the value and benefits of modern tour bus travel. From millennials to seniors, many are finding the experience to be the best alternative to air, train or car.

Call one of our customer service representatives today and together you can start the bus rolling to take a safe Coach Tour bus to your group’s desired destination.

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