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Future Bus Transportation

by The Coach Team
Artist rendition of future silver straddle bus on rails that go over car traffic.
photo courtesy of inhabit.com

A few years ago there was no way to record a TV show so that you could watch it later. There weren’t electronics inside your car tire to warn you when you are getting a flat. Hey, there certainly weren’t tires that incorporated technology to keep them from even getting flat! Unless you went to a library, you couldn’t research things you wanted to know about – too bad there wasn’t a little hand held device that could connect you to content from all over the globe. Cars didn’t have airbags and headrests or even seat belts. If you had a baby in the car – you just placed their bassinet on the back seat, and drove to grandma’s house!

Cruise ships were not floating cities, cars did not plug in to the electrical outlet, trains didn’t travel at hundreds of miles an hour, and planes didn’t know how to fly themselves. Buses were hot and stuffy and bouncy, and probably considered to be the most tedious and uncomfortable form of transportation.

Bus of the Future – Design & Functionality

So, over time everything changes. What will a bus look and be like in the future? Here are some industry predictions through the crystal ball:

City Buses

  • City buses will run on clean energy with very low emissions.
  • School buses are perfect to be electric vehicles – short distances, and time off to recharge.
  • Smart phones will more and more interact with arrivals and departures at bus stops.
  • Traffic-straddling buses could operate on rails that go over street and road traffic so that cars can drive underneath.

Travel & Tour Buses

  • Many futuristic designs are anticipated.
  • Transportation buses can run on rails and travel at high speeds.
  • Tour buses will have passenger airbags, TV, internet & heating/air conditioning of their choice individually controlled.
  • Aerodynamic designs and lightweight materials will be incorporated in bus construction.
  • Modular designs will allow passenger cells (individual passenger areas) to be varied depending on the trip and enable additional rider comfort items to be added and/or subtracted depending on the situation and bus use.
  • Hub mounted motors that run on electrical power are possibilities as are solar panels mounted on the top of the vehicle.
  • Double decker modern buses will allow passengers to experience the view from up above.
  • Roof panels can be switched to change colors (dark & light) so that heat can be absorbed or reflected during the seasons.
  • Exit doors that revolve will help keep cabin at the desired consistent temperature.
  • Drivers will have technological assistance for maneuverability, traffic, navigation with automated assignable tasks.
Future bus design of a blue 6 wheel bus with space age design.
photo courtesy of blogspot.com

The Future on the Road Ahead

Well, the future looks very – futuristic! We have no choice but to move forward and go with it. Future Charter and tour busses will move YOU forward to your desired destinations.

In the meantime – here at Coach Tours we can right now provide you and your group with the top modern equipment of our day today, and a customer service team and pricing that are second to none!

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