Fun Places To Go

Fun Places To Go

by The Coach Team

So you’re a bit bored. Looking for a fun destination to get-a-way to? Need something different. Perhaps someplace that is not too ‘touristy’, but interesting and inspiring?

The Bronx Zoo entrance sign with blue animals and gold lettering.

Where To Go? – How about THE ZOO?

Get your friends and family together and climb into a luxurious modern charter tour bus for either a day or overnight trip to the best zoos in the North East. You will love it and so will the animals. And the kids! We all have our fond memories of trips to the zoo with our parents or on school field trips. The larger than life wild life – giraffes, camels, rhinos, elephants, gorillas – are all there to amaze you, and the smaller creatures – reptiles, birds, chimpanzees – give you a glimpse into their species lifestyle!

Here are a few of the best zoos in the North Eastern United States:

Bronx Zoo / The Bronx, New York

What makes this zoo so special? First thing, it is the largest urban zoo in the world! Almost 300 acres to explore, and more than 600 species of animals that live there. The high tech side offers a 4-D theater, and an amazing unlimited ride zoo shuttle; the attractions and exhibits feature JungleWorld, Tiger Mountain, Baboon Reserve, Madagascar, Africa Plains and Gorilla Forest. The Children’s Zoo is really spectacular, and is sure to become the high point for any wide-eyed child because it spans over three acres, with a petting zoo, activities that include learning about animal’s natural habitats. Easy access to the Bronx Zoo is simple – it is right next to major thoroughfares that pass through The Bronx from Manhattan and surrounding regions.

Philadelphia Zoo

History, history, history. The nation’s first zoo – from back in the days of the Civil War! Walk the Tortoise Trail to the Monkey Junction, or the Bear Country to the Bird Valley, or the Small Mammal House to the Reptile Exercise Yard – there is so much to do and see on 42 acres with almost 1500 animals. Up close interaction with big game is there through the incorporation of state of the art large glass windows instead of the typical moats and fences. This is definitely a ‘go to’ zoo destination.

The Maryland Zoo

Also of historical significance, started back at the end of the 1800’s, the Baltimore zoo should also be put on your itinerary. Camel rides and a Polar Bear Watch along with an expansive African Journey area. Of course, there is also the kid’s favorite. A really great Children’s Zoo is noted for the petting area and interactive exhibits. This zoo down the East Coast should be included in any zoo-hopping plans.

Forsyth Nature Center – aka The Kingston Zoo

Well this one is not in all the tour books, but it really is a joy to see.  It is a tiny zoo without any exotic animals – but it is charming and inspiring. The peacocks strut around and put on a show, and the deer, goats and llamas are friendly and crave to be fed out of your hand. There can be up-close interaction with all the turtles, bunnies & birds – and until he went to Bull Heaven in 2011 – Isaac the Bull would stare you down, strutting around his pen, and reach for food if you dared to offer it! Unlike the previously featured zoos, this one is not an all-day affair, but its setting within the beautiful Hudson Valley allows for so many hours more of possibilities in historic Kingston and nearby Woodstock area.

How Do You Get There?

Well, you can drive or take a train.  What do we think? The bus, of course! Forget the tedious driving to and through the city vicinities that these zoos reside in. Book a luxurious Charter Tour Bus and travel in extreme comfort. Smooth, safe, and care-free with at professional driver who is skilled and experienced with navigating through both the expressways and the inner cities.

Tour buses are also available for school field trips, and there is no better fun place to go with a group of kids. Bonding, animals, travel songs, inspiring scenery. How about an itinerary that includes all these amazing zoos? Add in great places to stay at night, and fun places to go in the evenings between the views of the amazing animals during the day!

Sounds like a plan? Let us help! Get your group together, count heads and leave the rest to us. We can even play Simon & Garfunkel’s At The Zoo over the sound system during your unique travel experience of zoo hopping in the North East!!