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Fraternal & Other Organization Group Trips

by The Coach Team

Are you a member of one of the following organizations?

  • Free Masons,
  • The Benevolent And Protective Order Of Elks,
  • The Independent Order Of Odd Fellows,
  • Loyal Order Of Moose,
  • Rotary Club,
  • Kiwanis Club,
  • United States Junior Chamber Of Commerce,
  • Knights Of Columbus,
  • U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary,
  • Civic Air Patrol,

Who’s in charge of planning your group activities and trips?

The rectangular Building plaque for Knights of Columbus in Seymore, Ct. is blue with gold lettering and has the logo in the middle.

Stay Together on a Luxurious Charter Tour Bus

You can fly, take a train, or drive in multiple vehicles – but why not all travel together on a comfortable, safe modern tour bus! You can have the whole bus to yourselves. No worries about disturbing any other passengers, you can kick back and be yourselves, blow off a little steam, discuss confidential internal items, or sing the theme to the Beverly Hillbillies all out of key at the top of your lungs!

What goes on in your charter – stays in your charter!

Creative Destinations & Travel Itinerary

United States Civic Air Patrol blue logo of two hands shaking.Don’t think you have to plan it all yourselves. A professional tour bus company can collaborate with your group leaders to sculpt a customized travel itinerary just for your group. Hotels, food stops, rest stops, side trips, points of interest along the way – can all be scheduled in.

Your Group Trip Can Have a Theme

History. Art. Sports, Cuisine – you name it, and everything along the way can tie into your chosen theme. Museums, galleries, arenas, fine dining choices can all be charted and factored into your group excursion. Your traveling group can hit all the BBQ shacks on the East coast. Or get to baseball games and sports bars in multiple major cities. Historical museums in cities deep in Civil War memories can be found and traveled to.

…Or Be Loose & Random

If you desire instead, you can randomize the trip. Cruise down the highway and stop at the first fireworks shop you see. Pull in to the restaurant that catches everyone’s eye. Spend a day in the beach town are that you are passing through. It’s ALL doable!

There’s Fun Around Every TurnGold and blue spoked gear logo for the Rotary International club.

Professional experienced drivers will navigate all the turns. The job of everyone in your social or fraternal group is just one thing – HAVE FUN. Memories are built on occasions like these. Laughs, stories, deep conversations – bonding together as a group. Getting to know one another more than you do from just meetings and local get-togethers. And within the fun, you might be surprised – the solutions to any troubling issue or problem in your contingent, or answer to a pending important decision might just appear effortlessly with a change of scenery, as you all travel together in a less formal frame of mind.

How Do You Start?

Get the wheels turning with a call to one of our pro tour bus company reps. You will be amazed at the level of assistance and inspiration we can offer you. We can take care of as much or as little as you want.

One thing you can be assured or – everything on your fraternal order or organization group trip will go as smooth as the ride on our luxury charters!

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