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Family Reunion Destinations

by The Coach Team

When was the last time you spent some quality fun time with your family? Sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces and nephews, brother and sister-in-laws, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, moms and dads. Time ticks and ticks – and if you keep saying, “We’ll try to do that next year…” – you all might just put it off until it never happens.

There’s a simple solution for this – MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

A group exploring the mountain cliffs during a family reunion at the Mohonk Preserve in Upstate, New York.
Family Reunion at Mohonk Preserve

You can choose one destination for your long awaited family reunion, or pick multiple stops and accommodations as part of a bigger adventure. One thing for sure, you will want to have some down time to reminisce, and catch up with everything new going on since you all saw each other last. It’s amazing how strong family bonds remain so intact even from a distance – but once together again – everything picks up right where it left off and it is a wonderful feeling to know your attachment to those who are so important in your life.

All the Kids Can Get to Know Each Other

Chances are, that there may be some new additions. Babies and younger kids may not have ever met one another and a trip together with the extended family is the perfect opportunity to get to know one another for the first time. Uncles and aunts can see the niece or nephew who were born on the other side of the country or oversees, and the elders in the family can be overjoyed with the huge radius of their family circle.

Do You REALLY Want to Take a Dozen Cars?

Probably not! What are you alternatives?

Well, you can all fly to a desired location, or take trains – but we feel that the best thing to do is all hop on the bus. Not a bumpy, noisy, bouncy one like your memory of class school trips decades ago. Today’s luxury motor coach charters are just that – luxurious! Professional experienced drivers who know where they are going, take you and your contingent all the way there in extreme comfort. Kick back and relax, talk, rest up, have a snack – all together again on a wonderful memorable road trip.

A close up of the mighty Niagara Falls with water splashing creating a vibrant mist in the air.
A Niagara Falls Reunion Destination

There are many great family reunion destinations – from a ginormous house on a North Caroline beach, to one of a kind resorts like the Mohonk Preserve in the Hudson Valley, there are so many places to settle into. If you are adventurous, a perfect itinerary can be custom created to hit all the spots that you and your relatives crave to be at. Niagara Falls – where you watch the water – to waterparks where you interact with it!

When is the Right Time? – NOW!!

Do it before all the kids get too old. Do it while all the adults are still relatively young. Life doesn’t often give you do-overs, and procrastination can make a great opportunity disappear. Everyone is busy, and finances can always be an issue – but sometimes you just gotta disconnect from the daily grind and do something that you will always remember and never regret!

So call us – we will help you get it all together. This is what we do and we do it as good as can be!

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