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Fall Foliage Destinations

by The Coach Team
A white coach tours bus in the New England fall foliage.
Fall foliage in New England – the perfect bus tour time of the year!

Upstate New York & New England

Here we are again at the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. Perhaps you’ve been looking around for things to do with your class or group this year and you are finding the picken’s slim or non-existent. We’ll I’m here to tell you like Mark Twain, do not despair! In fact, Mark Twain is only one of the numerous places that you might want to discover with your tribe of happy warriors during the next few months before the cold and dreary nights of winter force you to stay around home. It is fall foliage season and all the states will be showing their true multi-colors! Fall color tours in New England are always breathtaking, and seem so special because the peak period is one of nature’s brief beautiful displays.

East Coast Bus Tours

There are a number of new and improved attractions in the Connecticut and South Eastern New York state area. A quick check of the state tourist commission web site, http://iloveny.com/ or http://ctvisit.com/ will bring you a list of sites that have improved exhibits, interactive displays and evening activities that might be of interest to you. Once you’ve determined where you want to go it’s time to arrange for transportation and that’s where we come in. Our late model luxury Motor Coaches are ready to pick you up almost anywhere and take you to that new destination that will welcome you with a bevy of new exhibits and things to do. As you may already know from last spring the availability of charter coaches in this part of the country has changed, and you are better off making a reservation with us or another reliable bus company early – rather that find that there are no buses, or only those of only questionable reliability available when you are ready to go.

Motor Coach Bus Deals & Discounts

This year we are offering some special bus travel deals and discounts to educational groups by offering substantial price breaks on your first charter trip. For additional information on these student bus and other discounts, call our office at 203 740-1118 and ask for the group tour department. There will be a knowledgeable, friendly voice more than happy to expedite the info, and a discount coupon, to you quickly. We also want to tell you that some of the traditional trips to Washington, DC, Boston, and Philadelphia can be as much as 25% less expensive in the fall after October 20, and before Easter (March 31) in the spring. Not only are the Bus rates less, both Hotels and Tours at the destination can be substantially more reasonable because it’s off season. Please contact us at any time, and we will be happy to answer any and all motorcoach travel questions.

Safe & Environmental Friendly Travel on a Comfortable Motor Coach

As always, last in my report, is that advice to check the safety record of any bus company that you choose – it will give you a measure of peace of mind for your trip. You can now go online at SAFERSYS.ORG, type in the name of the bus company, and get a full report on their behavior for the past several years. You can also contact the State Department of Transportation or DMV office and ask where to find the local site to check out your bus company.

At Coach Tours we have been committed since 1984 to provide our customers with the safest buses and drivers possible. Over the last 5 years our record has been outstanding during the last 12 months we have achieved an amazing 93.6% pass record in our safety checks. Additionally, always remember that taking a bus is environmental friendly green travel – it saves fuel, and reduces that amount of cars on the highway!

See you soon on the Bus!


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