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Green Travel: The People On The Bus Go Green Green Green!

by The Coach Team

Little kids like the bus. They take rides on them to school and on field trips. They get to sit along with their friends and have a good time while traveling to their destination. They sing songs, tell jokes, watch the scenery, read, talk, rest, day dream until all of a sudden everyone shouts together, “We’re here!” There was probably never a thought on the bus about how green everyone on-board was!

Artistic image with 50 cars & one bus displaying green transportation choices.
Help eliminate environmental pollution – green travel on a bus is comfortable & fun!

Green Travel By Bus – An infographic by Coach Tours

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Environmental Pollution in the Grown-Up World

As the kids grow up a little bit, the topic in school, or at the family dinner table, often focuses on the environment. What do we have to do to Go Green? How can we be Environmentally Friendly? Children learn not to leave a mess in the kitchen, not to throw their winter boots and coats on the floor of the classroom, not to track mud into the living room – because it is not their own space – it is shared by others! Everyone else around has to see and live with the mess you made – or clean it up for you. Do your dishes, put your clothes away, or clean your dirt off the rug. Just like being responsible for what you do at home or at school, it’s easy for kids to understand that there is only one Earth – and everyone passes any mess they leave right on to the next generation. As grown-ups they will have two choices – learn to live with someone else’s mess, or try to clean it up. We all know that it is no fun cleaning up after someone else!  Sometimes the mess is just too much of a mess to even totally clean up anymore – your brother spills orange paint on the rug, your friend dropped an open permanent marker on your comforter, Dad got bicycle chain grease all over his white shirt! There can reach a point where you just can’t make things go back to the way they were before the mess came. Right now though, as children on the planet, there is also a very simple choice – STOP making more pollution in the world.

The Greenhouse Effect for Kids to Understand

When oil, coal and natural gas are burned, carbon dioxide goes into the atmosphere. When trees are cut down and burned the same thing happens. The greenhouse gases stay in the earth’s atmosphere and trap in the heat just like a car with the windows closed! This is called Global Warming. Over time this will make the planet warmer and the weather will change. This is not a good thing. It does not mean that we won’t have to wear coats anymore in the wintertime. The temperature change is very small, but it will upset nature’s perfect balance for life on Earth. Everything living on Earth likes things just the way they are. It took millions of years for everything to adjust to and thrive in the current environment. Rainfall, oceans, animals, plants, people – will all be affected by global warming, and scientists predict that the greenhouse effect will cause many changes on Earth. None of them will be good.

Living Green with Very Green Ideas

Kids are creative – often more than adults. When someone explains the greenhouse effect for kids to understand – their immediate solution is, “Let’s just stop doing that stuff!”

Get Back On the Bus!

There are many things we all can do to Go Green. Many of them are simple. Here’s one: GET BACK ON THE BUS!!! Remember those fun bus trip memories? Make some new ones! Picture 50 cars driving down your street. That’s a lot. It would take a few minutes for them to all go by while you were looking out your window. ONE BUS can take the place of all 50 CARS! If they were all going to the same place, all those cars will use 100 gallons of fuel for every 5 gallons that the bus uses! What about the carbon dioxide? The cars will put 78 pounds of it into our precious atmosphere. That ‘78 pounds of pollution’ probably weights a lot more than your little sister! Or about 8 bowling balls! The bus will make only about 4 pounds! That’s a BIG difference – and it shows you how YOU can make a BIG difference in the world. Use public transportation instead of driving cars everywhere. When you go on trips and vacations – take an eco holiday on a comfortable  motor coach tour bus. Charter bus travel is fun and safe for kids and grown-ups alike – you can all sing songs, tell jokes, watch the scenery, read, talk, rest, day dream until all of a sudden everyone shouts together, “WE’RE HERE!!!!”

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