Convention Transport

Convention Transport

by The Coach Team

They are getting bigger and bigger. Convention and conference centers are expanding their square footage and amenities each year. Schedules are jam packed, with events back to back – and in many convention venues, running concurrently.

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, Mass.
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Corporation executives and employees travel nationally and often internationally to attend the convention and conference in their industry. Individuals involved in endeavors that are addressed in targeted events are driven to participate as a learning experience with key influencers and thought leaders, as well as the opportunity to mingle and network with others similar to themselves, for sharing ideas and for inspiration within their field of focus. Companies with booths and presentations, speakers and workshop leaders – all looking forward to the big week!

There is one thing in common – everyone has to get there somehow. Convention transport is a necessary component of the travel plans made by the contingents attending.

North East Convention & Conference Centers

Connecticut Convention Center, Javits Convention Center, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Atlantic City Convention Center – all great destinations. The topics of events are so varied, covering so many areas of business, entertainment, hobbies – from cat show connoisseurs to high tech brainiac geeks – almost everyone has their own week of convention high visibility.

Most North East Convention and Conference centers are centrally located in the major market areas. However, the first session or workshop of the day usually starts at 8:00 am, and the last thing a participant wants to worry about is how to get there, and arrive on time.

Comfortable Conference & Convention Transportation for All

Inside the huge Atlantic City Convention Center.
The Day of the Convention!

Your hotel might be local, near the airport, or perhaps you need transportation from a distance out of town. Often, presenting contingents necessitate a large number of company team members, along with materials for the set-up, booth, and demos. A luxurious, comfortable and safe charter tour bus is the best way to go. All different sizes and styles are readily available, and experienced staff can advise as to the match for your needs.

Don’t worry about finding your hotel, the convention center, or getting back to the airport and making your flights after a tiring week of presentations, exhibits, workshops, socializing, and peer interaction in an unfamiliar city. Every convention transport need can be taken care of by a professional staff with just one simple phone call. Our motorcoach rentals are modern with all the safety features available in 2013.

Let Coach Tours be your friend in a strange new city! We will navigate you through it all and get you in and out safely while you kick back and take in the scenery of the city. We can also advise as to the best local dining and entertainment offered on the nights when you and your contingent want to explore the surroundings, and leave the logistics to a professionally trained experienced staff. Have a couple of drinks to unwind, and when you are ready to call it a day – you won’t have to venture far to hail a cab, or retrieve your rent-a-car out of the pricey parking garage, and get behind the wheel to journey back to your hotel.

Our team is waiting for your call. For parties both big and small, we can offer the most cost effective solution. We specialize in convention and conference transportation – and we take pride in doing it way better than anyone else!