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Spring & Summer Northeast Bus Travel

by The Coach Team

The sky is filled with the sound of the birds singing about spring.
The breeze is filled with the warm wind moving through.
The air is filled with the scent of flowers and trees blooming.
The ground is filled with the arrival of new green grass and plants.

Beautiful yellow spring flowers blooming around two big trees and a stone wall in the Northeast.
Springtime Flowers

It’s springtime in the Northeast as Mother Nature turns snow and ice into yesterday’s news. For many, it’s a fresh start, a new beginning, and a time to turn cabin fever into outdoor traveling fever. There are a variety of ways to get around America’s big beautiful countryside, but in this new decade – bus travel is trending! Now is the time to plan your motorcoach bus tour!

New England, New York, Philly, Washington DC – we can’t even begin to list all the attractions and events that a tour bus can take you to. Why would you want to travel in your own car when you can relax and view all the subtleties of the passing scenery from the picture window of a luxurious charter bus while the drive is the responsibility of an experienced professional driver? No GPS to program. No traffic report to be concerned with. Plus, when you and your friends and family charter a comfortable tour bus – you all ride together. All your luggage is along for the ride; you can eat, drink and talk on your smart phone, take a nap or count all the red cars on the road!

Destination: Wherever There Is a Road for your Charter Bus

Anywhere and everywhere. Up or down the East Coast. Inland into the heartland or destinations to all the historic Northeastern towns. The landscape, the architecture, the culture, the people, the sights, the sounds, the food, the peacefulness of the rolling hills, and the beat of the cities. Mile by mile, you have the best seat in the house.

Bus travel is the new buzz – your 2013 highway to heavenly travel. All roads are connected and every turn is a new exciting direction. Destinations are endless – a blank map for you to fill in.

Eco-Friendly Go Green Transportation for all Ages

Sit next to your kids instead of putting them in the back seat. Share memories and future endeavors. Be present. Quality time and togetherness. Precious moments that you and your family will cherish years from now. Friendships are solidified, and lasting bonds are made during adventures and journeys.

Charter bus travel is easy on the planet. Instead of multiple cars filling up their gas tank, taking one tour bus is so much more environmental friendly. Less fuel, fewer emissions. Be part of the new Green Travel Revolution – because one bus is more energy efficient that 50 cars! No wear and tear on your personal vehicles. No stress and fatigue on yourself.

Bus Travel Tailored to You and Your Desired Destinations

Luxurious charter tour buses arrival at a rustic Northeast tourist location.
Rural Summer Destinations

So don’t delay – plan ahead. We have a comfortable seat for you, and for everyone else you want to take along for the ride. This is modern bus travel, something that many have never experienced before. We make it sensational travel.

It starts with a creative and imaginative plan for a great trip. There are no limits. We at Coach Tours are ready to put it all together for you. Combine your ideas with our experience and professionalism. It sounds like the perfect match.

Get in touch with us at Coach Tours today to reserve your highway dreams for tomorrow!

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