Memorable Bus Trips

Memorable Bus Trips

by The Coach Team

What is it about riding on a bus? We’ve all done it. City or urban buses, mass transit, school buses – all starting when we are kids. Memories? We sure have them – probably both good and sometimes maybe not so good. From the excitement of taking the bus down the sunny avenue to the zoo with your Mom on a summer day, to maybe an endless windy road school trip to a theme park with everyone getting tired and woozy on the way home, many of our early memories revolve around this mode of transportation.

White vintage steering wheel and controls of a 1964 MCI Greyhound bus.
Does This Vintage Bus Steering Wheel Brings Back Memories?

Songs about Buses are Part of our Culture

Buses have been featured in wonderful ways in songs that have become part of our pop culture. Here are three that immediately come to mind:

    • The Wheels On The Bus – (anonymous) We all know this one. Nursery school has ingrained it in us. The people go up and down, round and round. (In actually, we hope that when you are traveling that you are mostly still and comfortable!!)
    • Magic Bus (by The Who) – Bus, magic bus. Written by Pete Townshend and recorded by The Who in 1968, though now a huge hit on the charts, it is one of everyone’s favorites by this influential British band.
    • Magical Mystery Tour (by The Beatles) – Roll up for the mystery tour. In 1967, Paul McCartney wanted to create a film about mystery tours – trips that go to magical destinations that are unknown to the passengers. He wanted a variety of regular people on board with a soundtrack of Beatle songs to take along for the ride. The record was nominated for a Grammy, though the film – originally shown on the BBC – was not favorably received by the critics.
    • At The Zoo (by Simon & Garfunkel) – Paul Simon who lived in NYC, wrote this song praising the experience of visiting the animals in the zoo. How did he want to get there? By taking the cross town bus – if it were cold or raining. (So perhaps on a nice day he would walk instead!)


A white and chrome 1964 vintage MCI Greyhound charter bus parked under fall foliage.
1964 Vintage Charter Tour Bus

Buses from Past to Present

We have seen buses change over the years. The old buses still have a mystique to them, stylish and functional. Not many amenities, no air conditioning or entertainment systems. The seats were firm. The driver sat behind a big steering wheel and comforts were minimal. Today things have advanced and bus travel is very comfortable, even plush and luxurious.

If you take a minute to think about your past, we bet at least one great day in your memory revolves about going somewhere on a bus. You might have been the totally cool kids holding court in the back of the school bus, or part of the baseball or tennis team that just won the big game, maybe you rode somewhere on a date with your sweetheart at the time (who maybe you latter married?), or met someone important in your life because they happened to be sitting right next to you. Whatever the experience, we at Coach Tours are happy that buses and you have often gone together, and we always desire to extend that wonderful relationship into the future with you!

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