Best Bus Travel Tips – What to Bring Along for the Tour Bus Journey?

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Best Bus Travel Tips – What to Bring Along for the Tour Bus Journey?

by The Coach Team

When traveling any distance by bus there are some things – beside the logistics – to plan in advance to make your trip as wonderful as it can be. More and more people are jumping on to the bus experience, and for groups who want to travel together to desired destinations of interest – the modern luxury charter tour bus choice is gaining in popularity for so many reasons.

Cartoon illustration of a red charter tour bus.

Forget all the airport hassles, the personal car trips, and the rail limitations when taking the train. Instead, buses allow you to see the scenery, take it all in, and be connected to your environment every minute of the excursion. Your group can also pre-schedule mini side trips to points of interest along the way, and then easily get right back on the main road to continue the journey.


So as we head into 2016, when you schedule you group tour bus experience – keep in mind these 5 bus travel tips:

  1. Feel Good – Wear that comfy cozy combo that has some wiggle room and won’t wrinkle. Don’t forget about your feet. Lightweight bendable footwear is recommended.
  2. Be Entertained – It’s great to meet other people and have enlightening passenger to passenger conversations – but on a long trip, there may be a shelf life for that engagement. You can only talk so much! So bring along the book you’ve been wanting to read and the music that will be the soundtrack of your journey. You can also download movies and videos in advance and kick back and view them as you wish. Many of the modern luxurious charter tour buses have entertainment systems. You can check in advance to see what entertainment features they will have available on your days of travel. In addition to that, bring along you favorite hand held device to give you more options as the mile makers drift by.
  3. Get Comfortable – Many new long distance travel buses have plush seats, headrests, and recliners. You can enhance that experience by bringing along a head pillow, a neck support, and a nice lightweight blanket to wrap around you. Pretend you are in your favorite chair at home – (no cats & dogs allowed though)!
  4. Food / Food / Food – Food makes the time go faster and gives you little incremental treats to look forward to. On a long tour bus excursion, there will be planned stops at restaurants for meals and to use the rest room facilities. But for in-between these stops you can maintain a bag of food tricks to keep you busy and occupied. There are lots of travel food options, from healthy energy bar snacks to trashy candy and cookie choices. Drinks travel well also. However, it is recommended that you don’t cross a line and take out that leftover slice of three day old onion pepperoni pizza – your new next-seat travel pal may not want to wake up from their 50 mile nap to THAT culinary olfactory sensation!
  5. Be Happy – Simple right? You are going on an exciting trip – get rid of all your worries and concerns. De-stress from your everyday life, and live in the moment. It is not like we all get the opportunity to travel every day, and a change of environment is so often the best medicine to jump-start a new idea or direction in your life. Being social brings out the best in everyone – and traveling in a group allows many opportunities to experience a great companionship with your fellow travelers!

What is the sixth (BONUS) tour bus travel tip?

That’s easy:

  1. Give US a call at Coach Tours – we strive to be the absolute best and our customer service is second to none. Start the conversation with us for any immediate or future travel idea you and your group have in mind. Even if it is in the initial stages – we can help you expand on the plans, and bring it to life for you!
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