Bus Fun

Bus Fun

by The Coach Team

What are you memories of taking the bus? Perhaps the first on was on a city or country bus with your parents going to a local destination. More exciting than a car to you, packed with people sitting and standing, money to the driver, stop and start along the way to pick up additional passengers, awaiting your own stop as you go along the route.

Getting bigger there was the school bus. Orange and a little scary at first. A driver you never met before, and no parents allowed on board that morning. The first day of school was this new bus travel experience – you were a little excited and a little apprehensive – one of those first feelings of conflicting emotions. As the school year went on, it was no longer a big deal, second nature, and possibly more about your friends or being silly.  As you got older it was all about being cool, chillin’ with your iPod on the way to school, and impatient with the speed of travel for the drive and drop off pace all the way home.

School bus made out of a yellow egg carton.
Photo Courtesy of Fun Family Crafts

All things considered, memories are generally focused on the fun on the bus that you had in the past. Can you carry over the fun bus travel in the present and future?

Tour Bus Travel is Bus Fun Today

Things have changed. Charter tour bus travel is no longer torturous state to state, city to city expeditions. The advanced new modern tour buses are comfy, safe offer a real alternative to taking your own car. If you are traveling within your contingent, why take 10 cars when you can all hire the expertise of a high level experienced charter bus company to get you – and everyone in your group – to your destination. If you are environmentally conscious, you are helping to save the planet because one bus is more energy efficient than multiple cars. Arrive without fatigue, eye strain, fighting with traffic and the elements. After a relaxing journey watching the scenery pass by, napping, chatting – and having bus fun – you get out refreshed, and ready to go!

Fun Bus Travel to ANY Destination

So you are now a grown-up! Where do you want to go? Your wish is so doable. Take your childhood bus fun memories and make them current. Modern charter tour bus travel is the new way that everyone is now discovering. So plan to hop on the (fun) bus today!

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