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Bus Features

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Equipped to Meet All Your Needs

Our modern tour buses offer all the amenities you expect. Comfort is a priority, and access and seating is designed and configured to make your trip luxurious. As you relax and enjoy the scenery, power up your electronic devices – computers, smart pads & phones, games – easily. There are 2 USB chargers for every row of seats. You can stay connected – if you desire – via text, email, and Internet access through our reliable Wi-Fi throughout the bus.

Music & Movies On The Bus

Watch the movies of your choice while traveling. There are monitors throughout the bus, and your group can choose the perfect movie for all. If your group instead desires music to create a soundtrack to the travel experience, the tunes you want can be played via the USB hookup to the DVD system.

Customer Comforts While Traveling

Comfy seats, beautiful bathrooms, cleanliness, luxury on the highway. There are many reasons why more and more travelers are choosing tour buses over planes and trains.